Short Term Rentals 

Owner's Terms and Conditions

Apartment Club Peru is a leading property rental agency in Lima Peru. We have been operating since 2009, and our primary focus is short term rentals, from 3 nights to 6 months in the Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco Districts of Lima. Our international clientele is varied, but our main markets are the USA, Canada, and Europe. 

Listing a property on our website is free. Apartment Club Peru will not charge Property Owners any commission until the guest checks into the apartment and paid the total amount due. Payment will be transferred within 5 business days after the arrival to the Property Owner’s bank account in Peru.


The Property Owner has full control of the rental price and availability. Apartment Club Peru does not have exclusivity on the rental of the property. Apartment Club Peru does not carry out background checks on clients using the website to make reservations. It is the responsibility of the property owner to inform Apartment Club Peru if there is a change to the rental rules of their building. 


Because of the fast-changing rental market and the fact that you, as the owner have control of all rentals, Apartment Club Peru, requests that you respond to a booking request within 24 hours. If we do not receive your confirmation on time, we will be forced to cancel the guest inquiry.

If possible Apartment Club Peru visit all new properties to view, take photos, and then list them on our website. Each property has its calendar to show availability, and Apartment Club Peru maintains it.

It is the responsibility of the Apartment Owner to handle the arrivals and departures. If possible and in the case of emergencies Apartment Club Peru could possibly help with the Arrival & Departure but there will be a $ 50 fee per visit. Apartment Club Peru handles the complete Online Reservation process and will send a copy of the Contract to the owner before the arrival.

Apartment Club Peru has full discretion about the information we provide in the listing, the features of the accommodation that we highlight and the photographs of your property that we use. This editorial independence is essential to us because our guests rely on our impartial views to make their decisions.

Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 we have instigated a new Extra Cleanliness Program asking property owners to make extra sure that the apartments are properly disinfectant and clean for new arrivals. Apartment Club Peru has raised the Final Cleaning from $ 30 to $ 50 per booking to help cover the extra costs. We are also putting in place a 72 hour Booking Barrier between reservations to allow time for property owners to clean the apartments prior to arrival.  


Booking from 5 nights to 6 Months - 10% of the total rent including the Final Cleaning Fee (1-month rental is calculated as 28 nights)


Final Cleaning $ 40 per stay

Security Deposit $ 150 per stay 


All the apartment’s utility bills including internet, cable, gas, water and telephone charges. The Building Service charges and local and state property taxes are to be included in the published rates on the Apartment Club website. It is the responsibility of the apartment owner to pay all local and state taxes.


It is the responsibility of the Property Owner or the local contact to make sure that the property is ready for prospective rentals. On the day of arrival, all the beds must have clean linens and clean towels provided, with spares if required. Also, there should be toilet paper in each bathroom. All the electrical equipment must be in working condition. The Property Owner must inform Apartment Club Peru if any communal facilities such as the elevators, swimming pool and gym are not in working order and the reason. It is also the responsibility of the Property Owner to inform the building administrators or porters of the guest's arrival and departure dates.


Once Apartment Club Peru receives a booking inquiry for an apartment, we will send that request via email to the Property Owner who has up to 24 hours to either confirm or deny the booking inquiry. The apartment owner must allow up to 24 hours for Apartment Club Peru to collect the Guarantee Deposit via PayPal payment from the guest. In that time, the reservation will be placed on hold by both Apartment Club Peru and the property owner. If at the end of 24 hours Apartment Club Peru has not received the Guarantee Deposit, it will inform the Property Owner, and Apartment Club Peru will cancel the reservation booking.


Apartment Club Peru has two options depending on when the guest makes a booking inquiry.

Bookings inquiries more than 14 days from arrival date will be required to pay 25% Guarantee Deposit to confirm a reservation. The remaining amount to be paid 7 days before arrival. 

Bookings inquiries less than 14 days from arrival date will be required to pay the full amount of the booking to confirm a reservation


If after a confirmed booking by both parties the Property Owner decides to cancel the booking, the Property Owner will be liable to pay $500.00 penalty to Apartment Club Peru and may be excluded from the website. 


Apartment Club Peru will confirm the payment of the Guarantee Deposit, and it will hold it until the client arrives. Once the client arrives and pays the outstanding amount due to Apartment Club Peru will deduct the agreed commission and will transfer the money owed to the Property Owner’s bank account within five working days. Apartment Club Peru uses Interbank to do the bank transfer payment. The Apartment Club Peru commission is nonrefundable. Apartment Club Peru will not refund any Bank Charges incurred in the transfer. 


The Security Deposit will be returned to the guest by Apartment Club Peru after the departure within 3 working days using PayPal Credit Card Refund. The Owner will inform Apartment Club Peru prior to the time of refund if there are any damages. Apartment Club Peru will not be liable for any losses due to damages or theft. If there are any damages, it will be up to the Property Owner to determine the value of replacing the property before the tenant leaves the property. If there is a dispute then it will be up to the owner of the apartment to negotiate with the guest. 


Apartment Club Peru cannot take legal action as the Tenancy Contract is between the Property Owner and the Tenant, nor can Apartment Club Peru accept liability for arrears or Breach of Contract.


It is the Property Owner's responsibility to have an Inventory Report of the apartment contents and a Rental Agreement ready before renting the property. The Rental Agreement is between the Property Owner and the Guest. Apartment Club Peru has a published Terms and Conditions on its website that guests have to agree to before making a reservation. Apartment Club Peru can also supply a standard Rental Agreement that can be signed by the guest on arrival. The Apartment Club Peru Rental Agreement is not a legal document, and Apartment Club Peru is not liable for any information on it.


Normal arrival time is after 3 pm and departure time is before 11 am. You will receive an email confirmation from Apartment Club Peru with the arrival times as soon as we get it from the guest. If a guest requests either early check-in or late checkout, the Property Owner will be informed, and the client will be charged extra for this service. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to have ready a minimum of 1 full set of keys to the apartment and front door to the building.

The Property Owner or local representative will be at the property to welcome the arrival of the Guests, hand over the keys and go through the Inventory and Rental Agreement. If there is a discrepancy regarding the money owed to the Property Owner or Apartment Club Peru, it is the Property Owner's responsibility to either agree to a payment schedule or ask the guest to leave the property until they make full payment. Apartment Club Peru cannot be held liable for any nonpayment of rent or deposit from the guest.

The Property Owner or their local representative must confirm to Apartment Club Peru that the Guest has arrived safely.  Apartment Club Peru will endeavor to transfer the money owed minus the Security Deposit within two working days to the property owner's bank account. Apartment Club Peru is not liable for any extra charges that a bank may charge for the transfers.  


If a confirmed reservation is cancelled by the guest more than 14 nights before arrival, the Guarantee Deposit will be refunded. 

If a confirmed reservation is cancelled less than 14 nights before arrival, there is no refund to the guest. The property owner will receive 80% of the Guarantee Deposit within 30 days of arrival.  

Any cancellation during the Contract period will be considered a Breach of Contract, and no payment will be refunded to the guest.

If a guest arrives and does not like the apartment that they have reserved, the owner will be contacted & a total refund could be requested. This decision is the owner’s responsibility to approve. 


In case of a No-Show (reservation not cancelled, and the client does not arrive) when the reservation has been confirmed, Apartment Club Peru will charge the whole of the Guarantee Deposit payment. The property owner will receive 80% of the Guarantee Deposit within 30 days of arrival.  


The Property Owner must advise Apartment Club Peru of any changes in the availability of the Property so that the Property Calendar on the website is up to date. Apartment Club Peru has a non-exclusive rental agreement with the Property Owner.


The Property Owner must keep Apartment Club Peru aware of any changes in furniture, fittings and electrical equipment that are published on its website. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to make sure that adequate building insurance, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, emergency routes notice are in place before any rentals by Apartment Club Peru. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to make sure that all electrical equipment is in working order and safe to use under the laws of Peru. 


Apartment Club Peru reserves the right to remove a property owner and their properties from our website without due notice. The termination could be caused by the apartment not being up to standards, the owner failing to communicate with Apartment Club Peru or a complaint by a guest. Termination could also include the owner not agreeing with these Terms and Conditions. The owners will be given a chance to rectify the problem, but if it persists, the Apartment Club Peru will be forced to remove the owner and property from the listing. 



The Property Owner confirms that they are the legitimate owner of the Property and have in their possession all the legal papers of the Property. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to pay any local or national Property and Income Taxes. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform Apartment Club Peru of any defects or problems in the apartment or building that might affect the client's well-being and safety.



We will endeavor to make our website available 24 hours a day, but we will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these terms of use that is caused by any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including failure of public or private telecommunications networks. We may also modify our website from time to time without notice to you.



Apartment Club Peru reserves the right to change without notice the Property Owner's Rental Terms and Conditions to reflect changes in local business practices. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep up in touch with the latest Terms and Conditions.

Dated 16 June 2020

Please agree to our Terms & Conditions